Common Utility Tunnel for Utility Services at Putrajaya, New Administrative Centre of Malaysia

By Ir. Syed Mohamed Adnan, Executive Director and Ir. Tham Kwai Heng, Chief Engineer


With the requirement for utilities to be installed in a protected environment at Putrajaya the new Administrative Centre for the Federal Government of Malaysia, a common utility tunnel has been developed, designed and is currently under construction.  The common utility tunnel (CUT) complements the `NO DIG’ policy of Putrajaya and offers year-round access for inspection and maintenance of utilities laid inside the tunnel.  The design of the CUT incorporates features for phased construction of the CUT and installation of utilities.  The utilities to be housed inside the CUT are electrical power cables, water pipe, chilled water pipes, gas pipe, multimedia cables and telecommunication cables.  This paper discusses the move behind the implementation of the CUT and describes the planning and design of the CUT.  This is the first time that an effort has been made in Malaysia to get all the utility providers to agree to have the various utilities in a common tunnel and also on cost-sharing of the capital and maintenance expenditure.