Water Resources & Water Supply Development

Water Supply in Selangor

Sungai Semenyih Dam

Damansara Reservoir and Treatment Works

The firm was involved in the development of water supply in Selangor, particularly Klang Valley since early 1960s. The Damansara Reservoir and Treatment Works, completed in 1966,was our first job. The firm was involved in the development of Sungai Langat Stage 1, 2 & 3 (1969 1980) and Sungai Semenyih Scheme (1981 1985). The treatment capacities are 385 Mld and 540 Mld respectively.

In 1985, the firm has prepared a report on the Development of Sg Selangor for water supplies to the Klang Valley and Southern Kuala Selangor.  The firm subsequently was involved in the design and construction of Phase 1, 2 & 3 of the Sg Selangor Water Supply Scheme, which is the largest water supply project in Malaysia. The Phase 3 works comprise Sg Selangor dam, treatment works at Rasa and bulk distribution works. The total treatment capacity for the Sg Selangor water supply scheme is 2,950 Mld.

Engineering Services and Detailed Engineering Design for the Proposed Interstate Raw Water Transfer from Pahang to Selangor

The Government of Malaysia will implement the Pahang to Selangor Raw Water Transfer Project in order to meet long term demand for water supply in Selangor beyond 2007. The project transfers raw water from Pahang State to Selangor and Kuala Lumpur through a 45 km long tunnel.

In association with a large consulting firm from Japan, SMHB has carried out detailed engineering study and detailed design of the tunnel. Basic design of Kelau dam, Telemong dam and other associated works will also be carried out by the consortium. SMHB is also involved in carrying out basic design for the water treatment works (Langat 2 Scheme) to treat water transferred from Pahang and bulk supply works for distribution in Selangor.