Drainage, Flood Mitigation and Irrigation

Melaka River Rehabilitation & Beautification Project

 Brunei International Airport Drainage

SMHB has the experience in the following drainage works:

  • Flood studies
  • Flood mitigation
  • Rural and urban drainage
  • River improvement and beautification works
  • Preparation of drainage master plans
  • Road and Highway drainage
  • Airport drainage
  • Reclamation of low lying area for agricultural purposes
  • Irrigation of paddy and other cash crops
River analysis system software used: 
  • ISIS
  • SCADA-Automation Control and Modernisation of Irrigation System

Examples of relevant projects include:

  • Melaka River Rehabilitation and Beautification Project
  • Study of Paddy Cultivation Project at Paloh Island Sarikei, Sarawak
  • Pangkor Island Drainage Master Plan
  • Sungai Sarawak Flood Mitigation Study
  • Irrigation Master Plan for W.P. Putrajaya
  • Northwest Selangor Integrated Agricultural Development Project
  • Urban Drainage Master Plan Study for Sibu Town, Sarawak
  • Alor Setar Flood Mitigation Scheme - Phases I & II
  • Subok/Kianggeh Flood Control Study, Brunei
  • Drainage Design Standards for Negara Brunei Darussalam
  • Brunei International Airport Drainage - Contract I

Agricultural Irrigation

Alor Setar Flood Mitigation Project, Kedah - Phase I