1st October 2019


Innovative Engineering for a Better World



A leading engineering consulting company of high ethical business practices that is uncompromising and mindful towards integrity, quality, safety, wellbeing and sustainability.



  •   Integrity

We are committed to uphold the highest degree of ethics and professional conduct in our work ensuring full compliance with laws and regulations. We maintain our business integrity by acting fairly and honestly in our dealings with clients, business associates and other stakeholders, working with mutual trust and collaboration.

  • Quality

We aim to provide a high level of service to our clients; ensuring that the clients’ needs are understood and fulfilled and providing engineering solutions that are effective, efficient and innovative. We promote a quality conscious work culture in our organization and continually improve our work standards to deliver service with excellence to our clients.

  • Health, Safety & Wellbeing

We are committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for our people as well as others who may be influenced through our work. We strive towards making positive contributions by continually improving and integrating health, safety and wellbeing into our business decisions and our designs. Our goal is for zero incidences achieved through prevention and elimination of hazards and risks at the workplace.

  • Sustainability

We are committed to sustainability practices in our business operations and we encourage and adopt concepts and designs that support sustainable development and sustainable project life cycles. Within an environmentally conscious work culture, we seek to protect the environment, prevent pollution, promote sustainable use of natural resources within our offices and in our projects and continually improve the effectiveness of the sustainable practices in our organization.

  • Our People

We believe in the basic principles of respect and dignity, with a diverse and inclusive workforce built from these principles. We foster better teamwork through open and effective communications and consultation and we encourage participation of all our people at all levels in the business operations. We invest in the education and development of our people and provide them with opportunities to reach their full potential.


Tan Sri’ Ir. Syed Muhammad Shahabudin

Datuk Ir. Teo Chok Boo


Managing Director



Ir. Mohd. Rousdin Hassan

Executive Director

Ir. Syed Mohamed Adnan

Executive Director

Ir. Prem Kumar

Executive Director